Coordinating Committee for Europe (CCEURO)




On Wednesday July 19, during the 40th session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (17-22 July 2017) Kazakhstan was appointed Coordinator for the European region.


Dear Visitors,

The Netherlands, as the Codex Coordinator for the European region, welcomes you to the website.

At the CAC of July 2013 the Netherlands were officially appointed as the new Coordinator for the European region and have been re-appointed for a second term of 2 years in July 2015.

The Dutch Codex Team, located at the Plant Supply Chain and Food Quality Department within the Ministry of Economic Affairs, is responsible for realization of the tasks as Coordinator for the European region. Check the members of the Dutch CCEURO team here.

This site is meant to be the channel for provision and exchange of any necessary background information, positions and other documents of the Codex Coordinating Committee for Europe and its members.

We kindly encourage you to visit all bookmarks as well as to post your opinions and questions.

Sincerely yours,


Martijn Weijtens