During the 40th session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (17-22 July 2017) Kazakhstan was appointed for two years, with the possibiblity for reappointment for two years, as Coordinator for the European Region. The Coordinating Committee for the European Region (3-7 October 2016) was uninanimous in its support for Kazakhstan as the next Coordinator for the European region after The Netherlands.


Experience of CCEURO in Kazakhstan


Dear Members of CCEURO,

For your information I herewith provide links tot the replies we received on the Codex Questionnaire on Critical and Emerging issues (requested March 8th 2016).

Reply of Albania

Reply of Armenia

Reply of Austria (EU member)

Reply of Croatia (EU member)

Reply of Cyprus (EU member)

Reply of Estonia (EU member)

Reply of Germany (EU member)

Reply of Greece (EU member)

Reply of Hungary (EU member)

Reply of Ireland (EU member)

Reply of Italy (EU member)

Reply of Lithuania (EU member)

Reply of Republic of Macedonia

Reply of Malta (EU member)

Reply of Montenegro

Reply of Netherlands (EU member)

Reply of Norway

Reply of Poland (EU member)

Reply of the Russian Federation (RU language)

Reply of Tadjikistan (RU language)

Reply of Uzbekistan (RU language)

Coordinated reply of the European Union



Best regards,

Martijn Weijtens

Coordinator CCEURO